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Cooling Tower Test Associates, inc. (CTTA) was formed by two former consultants of Midwest Research Institute (MRI) in Kansas City, MO. Mr. Thomas Weast was an MRI employee for 12 years and an MRI consultant for 16 years before founding CTTA. Mr. Nicholas Stich was an MRI employee for 5 years and an MRI consultant for 17 years before founding CTTA. Mr. Kullin Elliott joined the CTTA staff in 2018 with five years of experience in a cooling tower R&D facility. Mr. Jacob Faulkner joined the CTTA staff in 2020 with seven years of experience in cooling tower testing.

Nicholas Stich was forced into an early retirement due to a car accident in July, 2019. He later passed away on October 26, 2019 due to issues unrelated to the accident.

CTTA has 90 man-years of test experience as independent third-party cooling tower test engineers. We have completed over 2300 cooling tower tests.  The majority of the tests were conducted domestically but many have been international tests.  Most tests were thermal acceptance or performance evaluations.  In addition, water flow, airflow, and sound measurements for cooling towers have been performed.

CTTA is one of the independent test agencies licensed by the Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) for the performance of CTI cooling tower thermal capability (ATC-105), thermal certification (STD-201), and sound tests (ATC-128).  The testing services offered by the CTI licensed test agencies, such as CTTA, provide cooling tower owners and manufacturers with uniform methods and instrumentation for determining cooling tower thermal performance by an experienced independent test organization.  All tests are conducted in accordance with applicable CTI or other recognized test codes or regulations. All instrumentation equals or exceeds the specified test code requirements.  In addition, all test instrumentation must be calibrated per the requirements of the CTI Licensed Test Agency Program.  All calculations are completed using methods given in the test codes and are reviewed by the other test participants.

CTTA is one of the companies that has a contract with Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) to conduct the required testing for the CTI Certified Cooling Tower Program under STD-201.